Join us in thanking DC Mayor Muriel Bowser for her strong leadership in moving forward the Maryland Avenue Safety Project

Maryland Avenue NE.png

Maryland Avenue NE can be a calm, neighborhood-friendly street where children and parents are able to safely cross to get to schools, the library, and friends' houses, and where residents can safely walk or bike to work. Instead, it's dangerous and divides the neighborhood because of speeding commuter traffic and other obstacles that make crossing safely a harrowing experience for anyone.

That’s why a group of neighbors has been working for years to urge the District of Columbia to implement a safety plan that the City had adopted in 2012. 

Numerous studies have revealed that Maryland Avenue, NE is over-engineered for the volume of traffic it serves. Wide lanes and low traffic encourage drivers to speed down the street; a lack of left turn lanes causes drivers to swerve around turning traffic. Pedestrians are an afterthought. 

Finally, this summer, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and the DC Department of Transportation announced design plans for the Maryland Avenue Safety Project. The plan offers numerous safety upgrades, including improved crosswalks, better sight-lines, bike lanes, and reconfiguration of the existing lanes between 7th St, NE and 14th St, NE to two travel lanes and left turning lanes. The plans also provide for new community plazas, rain gardens and additional plant features, aesthetic upgrades (like historically-styled streetlights), and other traffic calming features around Stanton Park. It will do all of this while preserving street parking and only minimally impacting traffic flow.

This common sense plan will dramatically improve safety for drivers and pedestrians alike, more closely match traffic demand, and make the street more beautiful.

Dear Mayor Bowser,

We are a group of residents who care deeply about improving pedestrian, bike, and traffic safety along the Maryland Avenue, NE corridor in Capitol Hill. Too many close calls and near-tragedies happen along the street.

The Maryland Avenue Safety Project is a common sense plan that will dramatically improve safety for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians, more closely match traffic demand, and make the street more beautiful.

We applaud your strong leadership in finally moving this important safety project forward, and we look forward to its completion.

Thank you for what you've done to move this project forward and keep up the good work!